Qendra e Burimeve për Shoqëri Civile në Kosovë
Kosovski Resursni Centar za Civilno Društvo
Kosovo Resource Centre for Civil Society

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In addition to online documents provided by the Help Desk, the Resource Center also organizes information sessions on topics related to civil society, participation and European Integration in all official languages ​​and in use in Kosovo. The information sessions last half to one day, by combining the information session and the questions and answers with the participants. These sessions will be organized on three basic topics for all stakeholders in civil society:

  • The concept of civil society;
  • Internal governance of CSOs;
  • European Union in One Day.

These information sessions are open to all interested parties regarding the above mentioned topics, regardless of their membership or affiliation with CSOs in Kosovo.

European Union in One Day


Information Session 1: EU in One Day 5 years from the Stabilization and Association Agreement

On March 30, the first online information session on “EU in a day” was held, with Demush Shasha, Executive Director of the EPIK Institute. Mr. Shasha provided information on the most important events and obstacles under the Stabilization and Association Agreement, 5 years after its entry into force.

In addition, participants also had the opportunity to be informed and discuss topics such as the role and importance of the SAA, Kosovo’s EU integration process, lessons learned during these five years, the role of CSOs in participation in the SAA processes, the importance of the European Reform Agenda and the role of CSOs in this process.

The information session was open to all individuals and CSOs in Kosovo and was conducted virtually on the Zoom platform.

Information Session 2: EU in One Day in Europe Day

On May 6, in North Mitrovica, the second information session was held on the topic “The importance of media freedom in the process of European Integration of Kosovo.” Darko Dimitrijevic, journalist of Radio Gorazdevac in Peja, informed the participants about topics such as EU recommendations for the protection of journalists and free media in Kosovo, recommendations on the Law on Media Freedom, monitoring the media funding process, the role of the media in the SAA process in Kosovo and the active role of the EU in media freedom in Kosovo.

The information session took place remotely in North Mitrovica and simultaneously online through the ZOOM platform, which was attended by more than 20 participants. This session was held in accordance with all the requirements of the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo.


The Concept of Civil Society


Information Session 3: What is Civil Society

On July 29, the third information session was held by the Resource Center on the topic ‘What is civil society?’, with Dren Puka, Director of Research and Advocacy at the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).

Info The session focused on topics such as the history of civil society development and the structure of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kosovo; the role and function of CSOs in democratizing the country; differences and similarities between the main forms of CSOs in Kosovo; legal and practical opportunities for civic participation in public life in general, with a special focus on community organization and addressing their needs in central and local level public institutions.

The Information Session was held on the Zoom platform which was attended by more than 25 participants from CSOs in Kosovo and citizens.