Qendra e Burimeve për Shoqëri Civile në Kosovë
Kosovski Resursni Centar za Civilno Društvo
Kosovo Resource Centre for Civil Society

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1. Do you support equipment purchase projects?

Grans for Volunteerism aim to support specific actions of civil society organizations, unregistered initiatives or individuals for non-profit initiatives on issues of public importance that address concrete issues, provide concrete results within a set timeframe. All eligible and ineligible costs are listed in the Application Guideline for Grants for Volunteerism. Equipment are, in principle, not prohibited, but the necessity of their purchase to achieve project results and specific activities must be justified.

2. When is the last date that we can apply?

The application deadline for this call is 31st of August 2021 at 15:00.

3. The “Budget for the last 3 years, 2018, 2019, 2020” is stated in the budget form. Is it a problem if we are an organization that was established in 2020?

No, it is not a problem. For those years when the request is not applicable for you, just write N/A (e.g. 2019 = N/A) in that part of the application

4. Does the gender mainstreaming guide apply to this call and should we decide only in one segment and then stay within the guidelines framework of the selected segment?

The gender mainstreaming guide provide an explanation how the KCSF program defines this topic. These are guiding documents and they apply to all grants and it is at the applicant’s discretion to reflect gender mainstreaming aspects in the proposed intervention.

5. What documents should be attached to apply for a project proposal in this call?

All the necessary information and documents for application are published on the Resource center website, at the following link https://www.rc-kosovo.org/pyetje-te-shpeshta/, the KCSF website, at the following link: https://bit.ly/3ikEbe1 and the CBM Mitrovica website at the following link: https://bit.ly/3lymAkM. More specifically, all information can be found in Guidelines for applications, for grants for volunteerism, Chapter 4 - Application procedures.

6. Where can we find the application form for grants for volunteerism?

All the necessary information and documents for the application are published on the Resource Centre website, KCSF website an CBM Mitrovica website. All the necessary information you can find at the following link: https://www.rc-kosovo.org/thirrje-te-hapura/

7. Is the age of target groups defined, meaning that can we have children as target group of our project?

No, the age of target group is not defined. The marginalized groups that should be in the focus of the intervention are listed in the Guidelines for application.

8. Is it necessary to include all marginalized groups mentioned in the Guideline for application?

No, it is not necessary to include in your project all the marginalized groups listed in the guidelines for applications. You can choose to focus on one or more of them depending on your project proposal.

9. Are awareness campaigns supported, if they are necessary for the realization of the project and are only a part of the project activities?

If one of the project activities is an awareness campaign and it is necessary for the realization of the project, then this activity can be supported as a part of the larger intervention.

10. Can we apply in partnership?

Partnerships with other NGOs/unregistered initiatives are allowed. In this case, the lead applicant takes full responsibility for the implementation and management of the project. In case of partnership, all mandatory documents applied for lead applicant should be presented for partner applicant as well.

11. Regarding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in project implementation, can we have flexibility in the implementation of activities that may be foreseen to be implemented in the entire territory of Kosovo, but because of the situation with the pandemic, any change might be needed while implementation?

Your application will be reviewed prior the start of the implementation whereby, together with Resource Centre, the activity plan and the budget shall be adapted to the epidemiological situation and how it affects the activities. If you will need additional changes and adaptations during the implementation, the flexibility in this regard is possible as the situation in unforeseen and is affecting the whole society, but always in line with the requirements and procedures of the project of Resource Centre, call or application and evaluation of the submitted application and bilateral agreement between the two parties.

12. Can a research be supported, if it is necessary for the realization of the project and if they are only a part of the project activities?

Researches and feasibility studies, especially as a means to design the next part of the intervention, in principle, will not be supported. They can be covered in special cases, but only if they are necessary for the realization of the intended objectives of the intervention. In cases where an expert is part of the research, the justification for this should be clearly explained in the application form.

13. Can new organizations apply if they have an annual turnover of less than 25 thousand Euros, even if there is no turnover in the last three years?

Yes. New organizations with an annual turnover of less than 25 thousand Euros can also apply, even if they have not had any turnover in the last three years. If it is an organization that was established in 2020, then it should be written N/A at the budget for 2018 and 2019.

14. Can individuals apply?

Yes. Individuals (citizens of the Republic of Kosovo) also have the right to apply for this call same as unregistered initiatives and NGOs.

15. What is the minimum duration for project implementation that we can propose?

There is no minimum duration for project. However, the objectives of the project, the duration and the amount of support has to be proportionally designed. This also applies to the minimum amount of support. The maximum duration for this grant is 12 months and the maximum amount is 5.000 EUR.

16. Can the proposed project have co-funding with other donor?

Yes. However, the co-funding has to be specified in budget table, and extra decision, memorandum or any document declaring the co-funding has to be submitted along with other application documents.

17. What is the maximum page number of application form that we can submit?

The maximum page number for application form is 8 pages. This excludes the first page with requirements, and the last page with table for administrative control. Applications that exceed 8 pages will not be considered.

18. Can we submit application in Serbian?

Yes. The application can be submitted either in Albanian, Serbian or English.

19. Should we give answers to all the questions in application form?

Yes. All the questions must be answered. The ones with not completed answers will not be considered.

20. Should I submit the proposal electronically or in hard copy?

Your proposal must be submitted only electronically.

21. Is there a minimum or maximum number of project activities that we can propose?

No. Number of your project activities should clearly demonstrate the link between their implementation and the achievement of the project objective in the end.

22. What is included in the administrative costs?

Salaries are not included. Other expenses such as rent, utilities, office material, communication can be part of this expense.

23. Can foreign individuals or unregistered initiatives apply for Grants for Volunteerism?

No. All the individuals and unregistered initiatives have to have valid ID from Republic of Kosovo.

24. Can we contact Resource Center via email for further questions on our application?

Yes. You can contact Resource Centre via email until 27th of August 15:00. However, before sending the email please make sure that you have read all the FAQ part because your answer might already be there. The FAQ section of Grants for Volunteerism is constantly being updated with new questions.

25. What type of activities are considered under “Service type activities such as Technical Assistance”?

It refers to services and technical assistance for public institutions.

26. Can one organization benefit from more than one grant?

Organizations may apply with only one application as a lead applicant. An application may have only one lead applicant and one partner organization. You cannot apply to more than one grant from this call.

27. Is a project proposal similar to another one supported by KCSF eligible?

Same or very similar interventions to those supported by KCSF through other implemented grant schemes will not be supported.

28. Are payments allowed for project staff?

Staff payments on the project are not allowed. But reimbursements for volunteers such as reimbursement for travel, food or other expenses are allowed.

29. Can we apply in more than one open call from KCSF?

Yes you can apply in more than one open call from KCSF. This is valid for different calls open for different programmes and you are supposed to apply with different projects.